Monday, October 14, 2013

Iconic Monk: Garkk

By Scott Bingham

“We should take up the Mage’s contract and the Blacksmith’s be daMMNGH…” Whatever else the opposing Foreman had to say quickly became a muffled mix of curses and cries of pain as he disappeared beneath a flurry of blows. His violent work done, Garkk separated himself from the tangled mess and hopped upon his chair, bellowing across the Assembly Hall.

“The Mages shorted our members from our last contractual agreement. Besides, if we favor the Blacksmiths and support their claim upon the downtown warehouses, we pit the two against one another! They would enter into a bidding war with us the benefactors!” Roars of support were soon followed by heated argument and more than a few fists were thrown. Garkk nodded to himself in satisfaction. He had spoken clearly and his influence among the Assembly was growing. The goblin looked across the Hall to the Grand Foreman, his greedy eye falling upon the Gavel. It would be his. With every meeting and gathering of the Assembly, Garkk was making himself heard and gaining support from among the other guilds. It was only a matter of time.

Every goblin faces the realization of their limited lifespan and the need to either live a meaningful life or to die a glorious death. A young goblin called simply “Garkk” determined that his was a life meant for more than the sweet enticements of battle and the call of a bloody and magnificent death. Garkk was set upon becoming a someone, a person of influence who would be remembered for more than their grisly and blood soaked end.

After taking the Goblinmark, Garkk threw himself into his work as a laborer and as a fighter. His talent as a fist fighter shined and he was taken under the wing of the Kindred Monks. Through their extensive training he learned to master “The Haze”, the fury fueled focus of their order. However, despite his life among his brethren and the influence of the Kindred whole, Garkk grew dissatisfied with just how far he could rise among his peers. With every passing day he grew convinced he needed to depart Kindred lands and pursue his desire among a different culture, one wherein he could climb higher than any among his Kinsmen.

Nonetheless validated among his people and considered one of high standing, Garkk left the pits of the Kindred and found his way to Hub. From there the young goblin wasted no time in joining up with one of the lesser of the Workmen’s Guilds, his fervor and determination as a laborer allowing him to rise quickly through the ranks of the guild. The Goblinmark inspired Garkk to further the interests of the guild and to keep them free of any outside manipulation. This also led Garkk to spend more than his share of time serving on the Brute Squads, readily enforcing the tenacious authority of the Guild. Within the short span of a decade, Garkk was elected by his guild to act as Foreman.

Though considered to be a bit volatile, Garkk has proven himself to be effective among the Grand Assembly with both voice and fist. Garkk has cast himself among the Assembly as one who holds the needs and best interests of the Workmen’s Guild most dear, acting as advocate of the Guild’s authority and their aspiration to hold the respect of the other Guilds. It is among The Rabble that Garkk finally saw his path made clear. Setting his sights upon the Illustrious Gavel of the Assembly, Garkk would fight and bellow and draw the support from the other guilds until his vision was realized and the title of Grand Foreman his. Garkk fervently seeks to make the position more than it is and feels that he alone can fulfill such a role. 
Garkk’s end lay not at the edge of a blade but in the memories of all the Guilds and the entirety of Desylinn as the one who had united the Workmen’s Guild, bringing meaning and respect to the title of Grand Foreman.