Monday, November 11, 2013

Iconic Bard: Tog'gin

by Frank Gori


The Mage was waving his hands and speaking some nonsense when Tog’s thunderstone bolas hit him. They swiftly entangled his arms and clapped together in a percussive sound that in all likelihood left the ears of Tog’s target ringing. The quad of brute squad bruisers that accompanied the two hired Mage’s Guild security specialists ran in Tog’s general direction. They managed to trip on the well placed wire and set off the smokesticks and land in the caltrops that the Krishtog had scattered a few minutes ago in stealth.

Tog murmured a few choice phrases and gestured with his palm towards his foes and gently blew over them. Glittering motes of irradiance fanned out and stuck true to the brutes that dared pursue him. Another gesture commanded the small air elementals he had summoned to attack his enemy caster. Tog had about a dozen more loud and flashy tricks to draw out all the security for the warehouse and the local watch after him. He had set traps and hired a few locals to do seemingly simple tasks that would confound and draw attention away.

Tog loved nothing more than the thrill of a crowd, or in this case a blood thirsty mob. He is leaping, climbing, swinging, gliding, and swimming and tonight would, with any luck, test all his abilities and skills. He’d prove himself worthy of his own crew and score a nice cut of tonight’s take, it made him feel like singing.

On the surface the Music Guild is about entertainment: to those in the know it’s a den of spies and thieves. The truth is less delineated than all that, some like to be both performer and thief, taking in the admiration of the crowds by day and robbing them in their sleep.

Tog’gin grew up in the anarchy of the Krishtogalog like most Krishtogs. He had a natural gift of song that was hopelessly average in his community and considered a fine and rare gift anywhere else. Unlike most Krishtogs Tog craved both a sense of structure and the thrill of being the center of attention. He was lucky to be noticed by a Music Guild talent scout.

Now Tog’gin has the honor of being one of the opening acts for Jax, and he’s well on his way to earning the right to run a crew in the evening. Leading a double life is easy when to the outsider all Krishtog pretty much look alike.

Tog’gin is a bit of an adrenalin junkie and seems to like to take big risks, trusting his planning and varied skills to get him out of tight spots. The few times that hasn’t worked magic and the natural charms of being a bard have.

On one hand the guild sees Tog’gin as a liability having a public face and taking such risks can only be effective for so long. On the other hand Tog’gin has repeatedly brought in highly profitable scores and earned a reputation among his peers as being a shrewd and wily planner.

Recently Tog has begun opening for Jax, some say it’s because Jax’s advisor wants a closer look at the up and comer. Others have speculated that Jax might be fostering some professional jealousy from the diva like bard.