Monday, January 20, 2014

Coming Soon

Coming Soon…
By Frank Gori

Hey gang,
Clockwork is resuming posting as of today. We took a hiatus to sort some organization things out and to tend to various projects. Scott and I are published now and John will be in February. We are also bringing in new contributors and I will now be taking lead on Clockwork’s project management.

Ok, so what will change?

-Images will be there to highlight our posts and help readers with a frame of reference for their imaginations.

-Crunch and mechanics will be more common.

-We will release player focused and GM focused content.

-Our release schedule will be a little more frequent, though Mondays and Thursdays will remain stable.

-New talent. We are recruiting and we have some potential new contributors coming soon.

-The general look of the site will likely change soon as we wish to feature some awesome art.

-Hyperlinks will be throughout our articles for easier reference.

-We have a new end goal, to produce a gameworld you can take to multiple systems.

New Winding Road resumes Thursday, then on Monday we start a 5 part series on Dragons!