Monday, June 24, 2013

Secrets of Desylinn: The Divine Index (Part 1)

Divine Index

Ariga: (“The Earth Mother”, “The Broken Hearted”): One of the Firstborn of Chaos. Her appearance changes with the seasons, though she always looks like a human female in a perfect, 'goddess' form. In spring she is a young girl. In summer she takes the form of a beautiful maiden. In fall she is a new mother, and in winter she is a crone. Apart from these guidelines, her actual physical appearance varies with the year she appears in. She created the humans and put them on the islands to the south, shaping them in her own and Mar's image. She was the betrothed of Mar, but he fell in love with Ishari, and broke her heart. She gave new life to the Wild Ones from the pieces of Derrick. During the Fall of the Empire it was her blessing (in the form of her everchanging hair) that created and imbued the Voice of the Changeling with power. This led to her and Bjord Halffoot becoming romantically entangled after his Transcention.

Badblood: (“The Transcended One”): Goddess of Magic and Self Sacrifice: First of the Five Glorious Transcendants. She was the only one of the Five to self-transcend. She bore the Orb of the Forbidden, a nexus of bizarre powers given form by Nhoj. Her mixed orcish/elven heritage drove her towards her destructive destiny. She died siphoning off enough power to level the Sentinel City of the Empire. The power she gathered made her subject to the power of the Seal and ejected her from the mortal plane. Each of the five became representative of one of the Firstborn; Badblood is connected to Nhoj.

Bahu: (“Greatest of the Dragons”, “Father God of Dragonkind”, “Life Breather” “Mountain Maker”): God of the Mountains, Chief God of the Dwarves, Husband of Tiamet. He created the mountains by sowing the earth with his scales so that his children would have homes. The dwarves he created by breathing life into dolls fashioned by Tiamet. He is the sire of all dragons and the father of Ishari, Tlal, and Daikado. He rules the universe in the role of steward because his father (Nhoj) never wanted the job.

Bjord Half-Foot: God of Music and Altruism: One of the Five Glorious Transcendants. His task in the final battle was to inspire those around him and to distract the golem army that protected the elven capitol. His song made the stones of the city wall weep. Once the Golems stood before him during the siege of Salastria, such was the power of his music that it freed them from the control of Arcadia. This magic allowed for the creation of the Unbroken. In the days after the fall he was instrumental in the creation of both the city of Hub and the surrounding proto-nation of E'artlan. Bjord is connected to Ariga; through this connection, they fell in love.

Chaos: The formless void of infinite potential that the Firstborn spawned from. Ssita and Nhoj are the only of the Firstborn who still have any direct contact. All others both mortal and god are protected by the Chaosgate that the two lovers maintain. Ssita draws substance from it to sustain creation, while Nhoj draws the excess order and returns it to Grandmother Chaos. In the mad ramblings of the Prophet, it is said that the love of King and Queen shall falter and all shall return to the Grandmother's terrible embrace.

Daikado: (“King of the Burning Mountain”, “The Hell Toad”): God of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. The twin brother of Tlal. He hates his brother with the deep burning rage only found in the molten heart of the planet. Their constant war with each other forced Ssita and Nhoj to lay down the limitations on god mortal interaction, and create the Seal. As punishment, he and Tlal (as well as Mar’ies) were used as the three points affixing the Seal to the mortal plane. His followers speak of a time when the egg of the world will crack and loose the Hell Toad to devour his enemies.

Daras: (“The Gentle End”, “Queen of the Last Breath”): She is one of the Firstborn of Chaos and bound in marriage to the Oldest. As the Goddess of Death, she brings souls from the world. She is pictured as a skeletal dragon with huge white wings and one black claw and one red claw dripping with gore. She uses this form to carry the souls away from large battles. For more personal deaths she takes the form of a pale maiden with black hair in a white cloak. One hand is black, the other red and dripping. In either form her black hand is used to sever the soul from the flesh (a painless and rather soothing process to the recently slain), and her red hand severs the flesh from the soul. This red hand is reserved for those that try to impede her in her work. The spirits severed with the red hand remain on the mortal plane until the madness brought by the pain of the severing is gone. For some this is a few years, while others have still yet to fade. The manifestations of Daras (of which she can have as many as needed) are drawn to dying things. Violence, decay, disease, and famine are signals that will summon her manifestations. Daras is one of few gods that mortals can actually see (with the exception of occasionally the Wild Ones, and the three that are trapped on the plane for punishment). Those that are close to death will be able to see the manifestations of Daras. The closer they are to death, the more clearly they will be able to see the goddess. Only those that are truly dead have ever seen her eyes.

Derrick: The god that burst from the Nameless One’s genitals. He was a short-lived changeling god. He/She/It was pestering Nhoj and in a fit of annoyed rage, Nhoj tore Derrick into three pieces. These pieces were later picked up by Ariga and transformed into the Wild Ones.

Ishari: (“Marsh Maker”, “Great Protector”, “Sal Iba”[Eye Mother], “Beautiful Mother of Mar’ies”): The Goddess of Truth and Running Waters. Daughter of Bahu and Tiala. Mother of Mar'ies and the Nameless One. She married Mar, but after the Fall of her Unnamed son she left the god of Law. The grisly death of the Nameless One was defended by her husband and so soured her love for him. She hasn't spoken to either Mar or Mar'ies since then. She created the lizardwomen and the great Geato marsh by mixing her tears with the blood of her murdered child, the Nameless One. She created the krishtog when her joyful sigh mixed with her tears. Each of those races worship her almost exclusively.

Mar’ies: (“Beloved Father of Elf Kind”, “King of the Infinite North”): God of Ice. He is the arrogant and beautiful ancestor of the elves. He threw his nameless brother to earth because he thought that his beautiful mother shouldn't be near something so ugly. He was cast down to the mortal plane for this action. He created the Northlands by freezing the sea water around the place he landed. He shaped this mass of ice into a beautiful and dangerous realm. When the Seal was put into place he was used as one of its affixing points, and as such cannot physically use his powers to influence mortals. He is allowed the use of his voice, however, and so dictates his will to those that remain in the Northland. However, he has no true power to enforce his edicts.

Mar: (“The Father of Mar’ies”, “The Shining Protector”, “The Beautiful Tyrant”): The god of Law and Son of Daras and The Oldest. His appearance is that of the perfect human male. He fought with Nhoj for the hand of Ssita to become king of the universe. His loss in the First War is perhaps one of the most defining moments in this universe. Briefly betrothed to Ariga until Ishari was born wherein he married the wildly beautiful River Goddess. He loved his first son more than his wife. He is the model for the human physical appearance because of Ariga’s loneliness and betrayal by him.

The Nameless One: (“Lord Tomorrow”, “The Deformed King”, “The Burning Gatekeeper”, “The Smoldering Judge”): The God of Fire. He is the son of Ishari and Mar, and the younger brother of Mar'ies. He gave life with his death. The Kindred were created from his teeth and brains and the Geato Abira from the mix of his blood and his mother's tears. His loins were what made the Fertile Lands fertile and his genitals became the changeling god Derrick. He is worshipped as the god of the afterlife amongst the Kindred. He judges each soul before they are sent to their afterlife. He grades each Kinfolk as one of his teeth, those that are worthy are placed back in his mouth. Those that aren't are sent back to the world. Those that have some great sin on their souls are eaten and sent back once they have been purified within him. He is also used as a boogieman by the elves.