Thursday, May 9, 2013

Desylinn Class Overview (Remaining Classes)

Alchemist: The Alchemist has managed to take his own internal magic and, through careful crafting, pull it outside of themselves for later use. Although some Alchemists are tinkerers and inventors, most are simple herbalists, craftsmen of the body trying to improve their own health and the health of others. Some few work in their makeshift labs to get their next fix, working feverishly to push from one high to the next, oblivious to the damage the magic has done around them. Alchemists are common enough they are illegal in one of the Five Free Cities, but their magic is often misunderstood to be fraudulent, as many of their draughts work only on themselves. Alchemists are constantly looking to nature to find the newest combination, never knowing if this rare toadstool and that obscure clam will result in a brilliant discovery or just a tasty stew.

Anti-Paladin: Rather than focus on darkness or shadow, Anti-Paladins oppose Paladins. Soldiers of Light and Warriors of Chaos, Anti-Paladins seek to bring light to those in the dark and fire to those with hearts of stone. They seek to spread disease and poison to those who don't follow them, and often come into conflict with the more civilized areas of Desylinn. Although some are members of cults, most work independently.

Cavalier: Few families have the money to support a fully armed and armored mounted warrior, so Cavaliers are difficult to find. The few who do exist stand as beacons above the fray, drawing the ire of their enemies. Their leadership is phenomenal, and their loyalty is unsurpassed. Although all Cavaliers are mounted warriors, their mounts vary more widely than normal, with anything from Rhinos and Mammoths to Horses and Dire Wolves. Regardless, the Cavalier is a respected warrior and often gains significant power and prestige.

Inquisitor: While most cults are open minded and tolerant of other cults, occasionally one emerges which is far less accepting. These organizations educate and train Inquisitors, divine soldiers who seek to grow their own religion at the expense of others. Preying on lapsed followers of other cults, these churches tend to grow rapidly and expand into politically volatile forces, dangerous to the religious balance in their area. The Inquisitors drive this movement forward, and use their Bliss and Despair as powerful tools in their quests. 

Ninja: This is one of the rarest classes in Desylinn, with almost all Ninjas receiving their training from the Green Clan Ryu-jin. Although they aren't as racist as some other clans, it is unusual to find a Ninja that isn't a Dwarf. Ninjas are powerful weapons in the intrigues between the various Ryu-jin clans, and the Greens use them to infiltrate into a variety of organizations in each of the other clans. These agents often multi-class in order to be able to more effectively disguise themselves, and almost all magic users in the Green Clan are also trained as Ninjas.

Oracle: One of the most common magic classes in Desylinn, Oracles often lead churches and cults. Using their unique abilities, they connect with magic more comfortably than most classes. Gren Maitres and Geato Abiran wise women are most often Oracles, and most folk trust them far more than they would most other magic users. The Kindred also have a strong tradition of raising Oracles, and they can be found among most other races as well.  

Samurai: This class is most commonly found among the Red Clan Ryu-jin. Other Ryu-jin will occasionally come to the Reds for training, and the Red Clan is the most accepting of the other races, so it isn't uncommon to find Kindred who were trained as Samurai. Loyalty to Family, to Clan, and to the Dragons is considered a sacred responsibility, and violation of this responsibility is rare. The Red Clan often sends large groups of their samurai out on long term scouting and foreign relations missions, and have established permanent embassies in Eartlinn and the Five Free Cities, so while they aren't common they can be found through most of Desylinn.

Summoner: Some Summoners are unimaginative and dull, bringing forth mundane wolves, lions, or sharks. Others are creative and effective, bringing the right animal for a job, whether that is a monkey, a hawk, a mouse or a dire badger. The best Summoners in Desylinn use their magic to bring forth strange and twisted creatures from their imaginations, combining existing creatures like a Squidlion, or inventing something altogether new and strange. Regardless, Summoners are powerful magic users and most have a flair for the dramatic, often waiting to summon until the critical moment hits, so the creature and the Bliss have the maximum effect possible.

Witch: The witch is a powerful force in Desylinn, forming pacts with Elementals from beyond the Seal. Exchanging pieces of their soul for the ability to cast deadly magic, witches are usually feared and reviled, often for good reason. Although some manage to control the addiction and avoid hurting innocent people, most give in to the easy power and addiction, turning on those around them with hexes and ire.  Witches are most commonly found among the Gren, but anyone in Desylinn with a craving for power is capable of forging a pact with an elemental.