Monday, May 6, 2013

Desylinn Class Overview (Core Classes)

Magic Overview: Magic Permeates Desylinn, embedded in every creature, plant, rock, wind, and flame. This wild and ever-present magic manifests in three forms, arcane magic, sympathetic magic, and souls. Almost all beings have some form of magic, but it manifests in different ways. When magic builds in an individual but that person is unable to control it, this sympathetic magic builds until it bursts, such as the wild rages of Gren males. When an individual has more control, they gain the rare abilities associated with a magic casting class. This Arcane magic grows in power, but all casting classes are included in this category, from Clerics to Sorcerers. Arcane Magic is highly addictive and has significant effects, with the high of Bliss and the horrific crash of Despair. Finally, Soul magic is involved in the creation of magic items, as quality increases in a magical item increase the probability of attracting a soul to that item, leading to high numbers of intelligent items.

Barbarian: Throughout Desylinn, barbaric clans wander, hunter-gatherer tribes explore new territory, and violent warriors battle for primacy. The world is young, and peoples of every race can commonly be found as Barbarians. Wild Dwarves hold long valleys and abandoned mines, powerful Geato Abira warriors jealously guard vast swaths of swampland, and humans sail to a neighboring island to perform ritualistic warfare. From the mountains to the plains, the swamps to the islands, the greatforest to the icy north, Desylinn has wild clans of settlers, explorers, hunters, and warriors, fighting for survival against other clans, wild beasts, and nature itself.

Bard: In a world as wild and unformed as Desylinn, the demand for a bard may seem small, but the opposite is true. With no formal or established messaging services, low literacy, a strong oral tradition and a growing repertoire of musical instruments, the Bard fills a number of necessary roles. Serving as messenger, historian, entertainer, and gossip, Bards are slowly becoming more and more common in Desylinn. As magic users they must learn to discipline themselves or fall to the tempting drug of magical power, and when fighting they use their cunning and skill to avoid the worst mishaps.

Cleric:  Although churches and cults are scattered across Desylinn, few of them are actually led by clerics. Some have charlatans, some faithful believers with no training, and some with soldiers, warriors, or fighters. Some few cults are led by an individual with the martial prowess, inner fortitude and self-discipline needed to become a Cleric. These Clerics often serve ideals rather than specific deities, as the Great Seal prevents even the simplest spell flowing from a deity to their servants. As a result, many Clerics aren't even associated with a church or cult, choosing instead to develop their ideals independently.

Druid: The Great Southern Forest influences any who come within its borders, twisting and shaping them into new and strange beings. The Druids stand between the forest and the world, warning some outsiders of the danger and luring others deeper into its influence. Spending their time on the border allows them a degree of freedom from the Forest's charms, but they are bound to it, gaining strength and power in exchange for their service. Although druids rarely stray far from the Forest, those who do often carry with them a seedling to remind them of their homeland. They often have some important quest they are attempting to accomplish, after which they return to the Great Southern Forest.

Fighter: Trained in the art of weaponry from a young age, Fighters are most commonly found in wealthy families in civilized areas. The Elven Empire, the Ryu-jin strongholds, the Five Free Cities and Eartlinn are places where Fighters can typically be found, as they have the resources to devote to the purely militaristic training which is required. Other fighters come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including weapon specialists from barbaric clans and street toughs who have learned to fight to Kindred Pit-Fighters and Geato Abira women trained to fight from birth. Regardless, Fighters have a reputation for their skill in combat and little else.

Monk: The traditional monk, dedicated to developing inner peace, wholeness, and self purity, is most commonly found in the Black and White clans of the Ryu-Jin. Among the Kindred and the Gren, strong monastic traditions teach the path of peace requires the mastery of your own rage. The "Haze," as they call it, is the focused use of this primal power, and allows for the development of significant supernatural powers. While those of other races occasionally stumble across either of these paths accidentally, the lack of established monasteries and training makes advancement more difficult. Most such adherents eventually make their way to a distant monastery to seek formal training in their art.

Paladin:  As with all healing magic in Desylinn, a Paladin must embrace the shadows in order to assist others. Instead of using burning light, Paladins use the warm comfort of darkness to bring peace and hope to those who are lost. Most Paladins are attached to one cult or another, and they often rise to positions of great authority. Throughout Desylinn, those with injuries and disease great and small seek out Paladins for comfort, hope, and healing, lurching into the shadow and then emerging back into light as new men and women.

Ranger: Desylinn is a young world, and much of it is untamed wilderness. Rangers skirt the edge of the civilized lands, wander caravan routes, and explore unknown lands. Some serve in the employ of great lords, others act as caravan guards, while more still simply explore on their own. Regardless, a Ranger spends her time hunting, tracking down the wild monsters and strange beasts to slay them. Many Rangers keep trophies of their best kills or favorite hunts, ranging from teeth or claws to preserved heads and tanned hides.

Rogue: Skilled at the art of silence, utilizing the secretive aspects of shadow to hide them, and always on the lookout for the next big score, the Rogue is ever present in the larger cities of Desylinn. In addition, many conmen, thieves, spies, or secret agents wander through small towns and villages, exploiting the local populace for their own benefit. When a juicy lead comes up, you can expect competition from other rogues, but when it dries up or moral issues come into play, don't expect them to stick around.

Sorcerer: The most common casting class in Desylinn, Sorcerers form the backbone of magic use. Their arcane magic unquestionably comes from their bloodline and they embody the world's chaos. Blue Clan Ryu-Jin, Hub's Mage's Guild, Geato Abira wise women and Gren Maitres are all commonly Sorcerers, as are many other individuals who have yet to organize or rise to power. Unfortunately, Sorcerers are typically the most vulnerable to magic addiction, as their chaotic nature prevents them from building defenses against it.

Wizard: No great history of written spells exists in Desylinn. While scrolls exist, vast libraries and wizard schools have yet to come. Instead of depending on spell books and great tomes, Wizards have learned to channel their magic through varying states of emotion. They record specific patterns and memories in order to easily bring about an emotional switch, allowing them to change from Abjuration spells to Transmutation with ease. Although they are still subject to Bliss and Despair, the discipline Wizards must utilize protects from it somewhat.